Sarah Dowling

Sarah Dowling es autora de Security Posture, Birds & Bees, y DOWN, que está próximo a ser publicado por Coach House en 2014. Sarah enseña en el programa MFA en Escritura Creativa y Poética en la Universidad de Washington Bothell y es Editora Internacional en Jacket2.

Sarah Dowling is the author of Security Posture, Birds & Bees, and DOWN, which is forthcoming from Coach House in 2014. Sarah teaches in the MFA program in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell, and is International Editor at Jacket2.



Shine bright like a diamondShine bright likeThe risk, vulnerability and form, the risk of using hackneyed, diamond


in the beautiful sea how do you feel about being asked to beYou and I, you and I we’re like


all too clearThe vulnerability associated with possible lightWe’re bright like a diamond in risk, emotion, sentiment, earnestness, presenceYou’re

this language that wears

a shooting star I seeA vision of affect on its sleeve, inappropriateWhen you hold me I’m alive I’m aliveWe’re like diamonds and the feminine


What is the relationship betweenA looser form of right awayAt first sight that before, an organizationI left the risk and vulnerability of sun raysI saw the life inside borrowed numerical patterns of your eyes and form in your workSo repetitionTonight whose source is beautiful like diamonds leaving their ordering conceitSo aliveWe’re diamonds in publicShine bright on a bus or in a claustrophobic airplane seatLike a diamondSo

how do you feel about

The earnest you and Iyou and IWe’re beautiful like a feelingShine bright like being asked this questionLike a diamond circulated, or the accelerating sense

bright like a diamond bright like everyone has already felt thisAs weFeel the light inside in relationship to the shooting star I seeA vision of


that captureWhen you hold me I’m alive, I’m alive we’reBeautiful like diamonds in the sky